Weird And Wonderful:
Character Creation System For V4
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Make your own characters for Victoria 4!

I don´t mean just another beautiful woman, I mean a character with CHARACTER....

Introducing Weird And Wonderful: Character Creation System For V4

Are you tired of just being able to create beautiful female characters for Victoria 4 and you want something with a bit more edge?

Do you want to create sci-fi or fantasy renders and populate your world with weird and wonderful characters?

Weird and Wonderful: Character Creation System For V4 let´s you do just that!

This pack features 40 custom head morphs for V4. Not just a collection of different heads though, oh no, this pack let´s you morph individual parts of V4´s head to get exactly the look you want!

Here´s a list of all the morphs:

big head INJ.pz2
big head REM.pz2
brow out INJ.pz2
brow out REM.pz2
brow width INJ.pz2
brow width REM.pz2
bulbous eyes INJ.pz2
bulbous eyes REM.pz2
cheek bones INJ.pz2
cheek bones REM.pz2
cheeks out INJ.pz2
cheeks out REM.pz2
chin out INJ.pz2
chin out REM.pz2
cone head INJ.pz2
cone head REM.pz2
ear L lobe INJ.pz2
ear L lobe REM.pz2
ear L pointy INJ.pz2
ear L pointy REM.pz2
ear R lobe INJ.pz2
ear R lobe REM.pz2
ear R pointy INJ.pz2
ear R pointy REM.pz2
ears out INJ.pz2
ears out REM.pz2
eye L out INJ.pz2
eye L out REM.pz2
eye L size INJ.pz2
eye L size REM.pz2
eye L up INJ.pz2
eye L up REM.pz2
eye R out INJ.pz2
eye R out REM.pz2
eye R size INJ.pz2
eye R size REM.pz2
eye R up INJ.pz2
eye R up REM.pz2
eye width INJ.pz2
eye width REM.pz2
face length INJ.pz2
face length REM.pz2
face out INJ.pz2
face out REM.pz2
face size INJ.pz2
face size REM.pz2
face up INJ.pz2
face up REM.pz2
face width INJ.pz2
face width REM.pz2
head depth INJ.pz2
head depth REM.pz2
head width INJ.pz2
head width REM.pz2
long head INJ.pz2
long head REM.pz2
muzzle out 1 INJ.pz2
muzzle out 1 REM.pz2
muzzle out 2 INJ.pz2
muzzle out 2 REM.pz2
muzzle up INJ.pz2
muzzle up REM.pz2
muzzle width INJ.pz2
muzzle width REM.pz2
nose size INJ.pz2
nose size REM.pz2
nose up INJ.pz2
nose up REM.pz2
nose width INJ.pz2
nose width REM.pz2
pointy nose INJ.pz2
pointy nose REM.pz2
round head INJ.pz2
round head REM.pz2
strange head INJ.pz2
strange head REM.pz2
teeth out INJ.pz2
teeth out REM.pz2
teeth size INJ.pz2
teeth size REM.pz2
teeth up INJ.pz2
teeth up REM.pz2

All morphs can be mixed and set as you like using the dials. Each morph can be changed both positively and negatively meaning you get a total of 80 ways to change V4´s head.

And not only that, there are 5 preset characters also included in this pack for you to use as a starting point for your own character or simply as a weird and wonderful character for your next render.

That adds up to 90 different ways of changing the shape of V4´s head!

Requirements:  Poser 5, Poser 6, Poser 7 OR DAZ Studio plus V4 Base from DAZ

NOTE: V4 Morphs are NOT required

Product Support: Admin@most-management.at

Only $6.50

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