Werewolf Pack For M3 (7.5 MB)
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Pack includes:

- 2 Head Morphs
- 2 Body Morphs
- Retractable Claw Morph
- Werewolf Hind Leg
- 3 Body Textures
- 3 Head Textures
- 3 Eye Textures
- 1 Example Pose
- MAT Files for Textures
- MOR Files for Morphs

Requirements: Poser 4/5/6 and Michael 3 Base from DAZ3D

NOTE: Textures are not completely seamless

NOTE: The pack is fully functional with Poser 4, but does not include .rsr files

Product Support: Admin@most-management.at

Only $5.50

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Fantastic morphing morphs!
I was delighted with these easy, to use and highly versatile, I've already made several animations
with them and they've been singled out for comment by audiences.
(Praise indeed as the audience has been subjected to 3 or 4 hours of mostly Poser animation!)


Very nice. Renders out better than in the preview pictures. The free
black mat for this product is especially efective. I am still playing
with it, and no doubt the M3 morph package would afford many more
options, but even with just the morphs that are included with this
product (and the tweaking of various free poses for M3 I am able to
compensate for my lack of talent and skill(LOL).


I've been playing with your M3 werewolf, and I gotta say ... it kicks ass! Well worth the money!
Thanks for a very satisfactory product!


Excellant product. No complaints.


The preview pictures don't do it justice!  Very nice.